The Future of Educational Technology

Being a classroom teacher can be a daunting task. Between disruptive students, learning barriers, and administrative issues, teaching has become a career with one of the highest rates of stress and job turnover. With a million and one things on your plate, you should not have to worry about whether or not your students are engaged in what you are teaching – that is why implementing the newest in educational technology is always essential for every educator.

While there are hundreds of websites that claim to engage students, there are only a few that actually keep students’ attention while helping them learn. One of these websites is called

Brainscape is an interactive student website that has topics ranging from current events to SAT prep. Brainscape is perfect for an end of class reward, a learning check, or as a pre-test review strategy. And, best of all, using Brainscape is very user friendly. For the teacher, all you have to do is go to and pick a topic. As mentioned, the topics range in difficulty and content, almost guaranteeing that your topic and age group will have something to work with from their database. Next, the teacher puts the flashcards up on the board and students can log on to the website to start their review. After the students have logged on, the review can begin and students can compete to answer the most flash cards correctly.

In today’s field of education, educational technology like BrainScape is important because the classroom model is evolving. In the mid-20th century, a classroom could function with a teacher lecturing and students taking notes – desks could be in rows, students would stay in their seats, and learning would take place without much conflict. In today’s classroom, the rules have changed. With more phone use and smaller attention span, learning can no longer take place with just a teacher talking to a group of students. In order for students to combat this lack of attention, teachers must change the way education is delivered.

If you would like to learn more about education and the new technologies available in the field, be sure to look at this site for more info. Although there are hundreds of other classroom game websites, BrainScape’s user friendly platform allows the teacher to pause the cards at any time to address the class and go over any of the answers. And, with the statistics of right and wrong answers following every question, the classroom teacher is able to see where his/her students are struggling and take the time to go over that concept in more detail.

With other study websites, the platform might simply put up a question and have students write down the possible answer on a sheet of paper. BrainScape, with its colorful platform and interactive interface, offers an alternative to learning checks that will keep both student and teacher entertained. Although education can be difficult, with the right tools, helping students learn can be that much easier.