Sleep Better by Reducing Exposure to EMFs and Blue Light


We are surrounded by so much technology that our homes are buzzing with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and blue light. Too much exposure to both of these can be unhealthy and especially disruptive to your sleep.

EMFs are invisible lines of energy or radiation that emanate from electrical and wireless devices. These forces are coming from cell phones, computers, televisions, appliances, etc. Blue light is the visible light on the higher end of the light spectrum that is close to ultra-violet light. Blue light is emitted from LED bulbs, computer screens, and televisions.

There are products available that can help to reduce your exposure to both of these, allowing you to get better sleep and live healthier lives. Let’s take a look at some of the various options available.

Surge Protector Strips with On/Off Buttons

We are careful to protect our technology by plugging it into outlet strips that are surge protected. They will shut off in the case of a power surge. What is nice about these strips is that you can manually switch them off when you are not using your technology. These are particularly helpful in the bedroom to reduce EMF exposure at night by turning off the TV, cable box, and any other devices that are in the room.

Wi-Fi Router Guard

A router guard is designed to reduce the radiation coming from your wireless router, while still allowing enough of a signal for a connection. It can reduce radiation by approximately 50%. It is basically a wire mesh box that you place your Wi-Fi router inside of. The box acts as a shield to reduce radiation.

Blue Light Reducing Glasses

Research has shown that exposure to blue light from our devices and light bulbs in the evening can reduce melatonin production. Natural melatonin promotes sleep. Protecting your eyes from blue light is as easy as wearing glasses with protective lenses. You wear sunglasses to filter UV light, so why not wear glasses while working on your computer or reading to filter blue light? You can get more info here.

Lower EMF Baby Monitors

If you must use a baby monitor, it is best to use one that is wired or lower in EMFs. A wired baby monitor is much lower in EMFs than a wireless monitor. There are several safer baby monitors available.

Bed Canopy

If you live in an urban environment, especially in an apartment building, you could be exposed to many outside sources of microwave pollution. If so, an EMF bed canopy can help cut down on the exposure and promote more restful sleep. These are especially helpful for children and can be taken with you when you travel.


Over exposure to both EMFs and blue light can be detrimental to your health on several levels, especially when it comes to getting enough quality sleep. While you can’t completely block out either of these, there are products available that can significantly help to reduce your exposure. Hopefully, some of these suggestions are helpful.