Keep Your Drive Free From Virus

Digitalization has become very important and reliable part of everyone’s life. There are number of advantages of this digitalization one of them is USB. USB is one of best advantage of digitalization which is storage device. You can store any amount of data in it without thinking what type of data you may store in it. User can easily store any type of data in it and will be able to access it at any time. It is very use in demand these days as being small in size can be portable from one place to another. You have to connect this device from your laptop and save data in it. When you connect this device, there may be chance that your device will be affected from virus. You must know about useful steps so that you can keep your device free from viruses.

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Useful steps are mentioned below:

Number of ways is given here and you must use them so that you can protect your custom USB drives from virus. There are many requirements which will be vary from device but do not take that serious. Simplest ways of custom USB protection are:

  • Insert your USB drive in your laptop and click on device manager from listed options.
  • A list will be open on your screen and then you have to click on name of USB drive and choose “properties” option.
  • Now, you will get policies tab and click on better performance.
  • Select your USB drive again and make the final selection of format of your USB device from format option.
  • You will be asked to choose file system and you have to click on NTFS file system from drop down list.
  • After all steps, start formatting your USB drive. If you followed all steps in given manner then your USB will be free from virus in future.

One thing that is to be keeping in mind is that you should use USB only for personal use. You can also follow many other things for freeing from virus your bulk USB. Follow all steps which are given below:

On the desktop of your laptop, right click on the name of USB drive and click on properties.

  • Now go to security tab and choose everyone for read only option from root folder. By this, everyone will be able to read only from your USB.
  • After following all steps correctly, create a folder with name write and give read and write permission to which you want to give.
  • Now, check that your laptop or computer is complete virus free.

If you have followed all steps correct and in given manner, then there will be no problem if bulk flash drives attached at the same time to your computer. No drive will get any virus. If virus attack to your drive, all files and data will be removed from drive and this will be empty. USB from many brands used for multiple purposes so use it carefully.